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Gold arrandee™ / Au(111)

High-quality metal coated substrates for scanning probe microscopy

  • easy handling
  • well defined Au(111) terraces
  • fast delivery
  • 20 years of expert knowledge
  • made in Germany
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Gold on glass

arrandee™ gold on glass substrates: well defined Au(111) terraces, spanning several hundred nm in size.
Gold arrandee™ are available in 11x11 mm and 12x12 mm standard size, packages containing  50 arrandee™, each one stuck carefully to a base plate.
Gold arrandee™ glue free grade: easy handling for your convenience. The glue free grade slides are produced using shieldings during metal deposition. Available in 11 x 11mm size only. Packing back-to-back in glass tubes. Package containing 25 arrandee™.

Special products

Silver as well as platinum arrandee™ substrates are produced on demand. Available in 11x11 mm and 12x12 mm size.
Any special demand for any metal coated substrate ? Please contact us. We will do our best to support your research.
We are looking forward to your challenge!


  1. Light gas burner – propane/butane Bunsen burner fits perfectly. Darken room to enable overserving of glowing color.

  2. Lift gold arrandee™ substrate from base plate using flat spatula. Use ceramic tweezers to handle the substrate.

  3. Place gold arrandee™ into the flame until dark red glowing. Remove from flame and let cool down the susbstrate for 30 seconds. Take care not  to overheat the substrate!

  4. Repeat this procedure two to three times. Now you will be able to find Au(111) terraces of about 100 nm in size.

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Clients & Papers

  • Alberto Hernandez Creus

    Alberto Hernandez Creus

    Since many years ago I completely trust on the high quality and reliability of  the gold on glass samples from arrandee™. Most of my research is based on these great substrates.

  • Jennifer Halliwell

    Jennifer Halliwell

    At the Applied Research in Chemistry and Public Health (ARCH) group at Bangor University we use gold arrandee™ as a platform for self-assembled monolayers in a number of different applications.

List of papers

arrandee™ substrates are used in many fields of research, e.g. nano-bio-interfaces, self-assembled organic films on metals, electrical conduction in single molecules, molecular electrical properties, nanoscale electrochemistry, interfacial electrochemistry, metal plating and in-situ spectroscopy at electrode surfaces etc..

Methods used are STM, AFM, X-ray, in-situ IR spectroscopy, vibrational Sum-Frequency Generation (VSFG) spectroscopy etc..

Reasons // Why use arrandee™?

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The ordinary way

  • Single cristal = high invest
  • Au on cleaved mica cost by slide > 100 $
  • Polishing single crystals is time consuming
  • Mica based substrates need H₂ annealing

The arrandee™ way

  • arrandee™ slides = low invest
  • arrandee™ cost by slide < 20 $
  • you can spend your time on your research
  • arrandees™ just need camping gas burner
  • proven Au(111) substrate since 1994
  • approx. 100.000 slides used world wide
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About us

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High quality – made in Germany

Most advanced production facilities as well as many years of experience enable us to provide best quality substrates for your experiment.
Since 1994 arrandee™ substrates are produced by our scilled staff on site. Optimized production cycles guarantee in-time delivery while keeping in house shelf time low.
6.000 expermints per year are performed by SPM groups world-wide using gold arrandeeTM. For any further reference please contact us.


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